If It’s Time To Move On…

Why Move?

As “Baby Boomers”  find themselves becoming “Empty Nesters”, we are more likely to move instead of holding on to the family home like our parents.  Obviously, the most common reason for this is to unload the expense and time needed to maintain and perate a property that is too big enough for a family, but way to big for a single person or a couple.

Another reason is to finally cash in on the years you sacrificed to build equity in what is probably the largest asset in your financial portfolio.  Some, just want a change to start the next phase of their lives.  

The best thing you can do is to first make a list of what you do, and don’t, want in your next home.  Write down your “Must Haves” of things that are not negotiable.  Include a “Wish List” of features that are desirable, but are open to compromise.  Lastly, include items that you definitely don’t want.  Put 4-8 features in each category.  This will make the search process more effective.

Plan Ahead

Chances are, you’re planning to move to a smaller home. If you’re like most people, you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating “stuff”.  This is the time to finally separate the things that have true sentimental or monetary value from the things you really don’t need.  Purging can be a gut-wrenching, but also gratifying experience. I’ve done it for members of my own family as well as clients.  I can help you with this process by connecting you with resources that will make this task easier.

Many people in this situation feel that they need to spend a fortune to improve and upgrade their current home in order to make it more desirable to today’s buyer.  Not necessarily.  Some are still looking for fixer uppers that need a total rehab, others are willing to make improvements to reflect their own style.  I can help you assess what needs to be done, and what doesn’t, in order to get good value for your home.

While you’re preparing to move, we can implement a parallel process to explore your options.  Before you begin to look “seriously”, I always suggest one, or two, brief “tours” of a wide variety of housing options so that you can better understand what is available to you.

Finding Your Next Place

You are in a unique and enviable position.  Your next home can be “all about you”.  You don’t need to worry about school districts, play areas and parking for the mini-van.  Instead you can worry about walking to good restaurants and museums, or if there’s a pool for a daily swim. Fortunately, we live in an area that has a huge variety of options.  Many are opting to live in Center City to take advantage of the vibrancy of the city.  Others are choosing to stay in the suburbs with a Homeowners’ Association taking care of maintenance, or just moving to a smaller place with some outdoor space that isn’t a drastic change, just a bit simpler and more manageable.  Some of us will decide to move completely out of the area to take advantage of year round warm weather, or move closer to grandchildren.

I can help you if you see yourself in any of these scenarios.  Once you have your needs defined into; “must haves”, “like to haves” and  “definite don’t wants”, I’ll set up a search for you based on these criteria.  Even if you decide to move out of the area, I can help you find resources to help you find your new home.  BHHS Fox & Roach has dedicated professionals to find and evaluate referral agents across the country.  

It’s Time to De-clutter


Get Good Advice

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