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Our HomePilot is a great tool for searching for  a new home. Here are some tips to help me find the right place for you.

Price- Enter a range of prices that are in your criteria. I suggest going a little “over budget” for three reasons: 1. Most places go for less than “asking”. 2. You’ll get a wider view of the market. 3. Many prices are reduced by the seller.  Looking for a rental? Enter Monthly Rent.

Search Area -  Give me some idea of where you want to search. Use Zips, Neighborhood, School District, Township or description like “walk to train”.

Type of Home - Tell me what you are looking for, and what you want to avoid. Give me the “basics” (beds/baths, etc), but don’t forget your Wish List.

I’ll customize your first search. So, give me some time to get your first search to you.  After that, you can modify it to fit your needs or explore other scenarios. It’s really fun and informative.