Real Estate has become an industry that requires commitment. Commitment to constant education, commitment to the use of technology, commitment to availability, commitment to our clients.  In order to be a good agent in today’s environment, it takes a full time effort. Gone are the days when you could “dabble” in real estate as a side line, “weekend” or supplemental job.  

Why This Matters… I provide my clients with the advantage of years of professional experience in financial analysis, product management, promotion , and negotiation. I’m a competent professional with a proven track record of working hard for his clients’ benefit.

I’m Not a “Part Timer”…

Sometimes You’re Defined As Much By Who You Aren’t, not by Who You Are.  Here Are Some Examples ….

I’m Not a Dinosaur …

Many agents rely on, and heavily promote, “their experience”.  Unfortunately, many are still doing things the same way as when they were licensed 10, 20, or 30 years ago.  Times have changed and technology has taken over the real estate process.  

We have wonderful tools to help us and our clients, but they take work to learn and to use effectively. I work hard to keep abreast of technology and how best to put it to work for my clients’ advantage.  If an agent  says they “use” Facebook, ask them if they just share cute grandchildren pictures or if they can craft an ad, promoting a new listing to a specific demographic.  I can, and I do it consistently

Why This Matters… Tools change.  In order to be competitive, today’s agent needs to get new listings in the hands of buyers as quickly as possible, and to get offers into the hands of buyers before your competition.  Sellers’ listings need a new level of promotion that goes beyond “traditional” methods.  Once a sale is made, technology is a major force in streamlining the process and reducing errors.  

Let’s be honest, no one is.  However, it’s become trendy in our business to promote round the clock availability.  It’s easy to find an agent that touts this.  I suggest calling them at 3:30 in the morning to ask a simple question.  I bet they won’t answer, or call you back right away.  I work hard for my clients and put in an extraordinary amount of time and effort on their behalf.  For my sanity, I have a life that includes family, friends and recreation.  When I’m not available, I make sure my clients’ needs are covered by other agents that I trust.  I do the same for them.

Why This Matters… You need an agent that is realistic, professional and above all…honest about who they are and what they will do for you without exaggerated self promotion and empty promises.

I’m Also Not a “24/7” Agent…