Relocating to The Philadelphia Region?

You’re lucky.  You’re moving to the Philadelphia area. This is a wonderful place to live, work, explore and have fun. However, getting around here may be a challenge. Any region possesses its own unique challenges and the Philadelphia region has some quirks that will leave some newcomers scratching their heads.   

Here are some examples…

We were discovered by the Swedes, explored by the Dutch, settled by the Welsh and coexisted with Native Americans.  The result? Place names like Schuylkill (Dutch), Llandrillo and Tredyffrin (Welsh), Moyamensing, Tulpehocken and Manayunk (Native American).  Luckily the Swedes didn’t stay long and didn’t venture much past Delaware.

We have colloquial names for everything.  The Blue Route, Expressway, Parkway and Boulevard are all major roads, but we don’t use their real names. The highway signs refer to Columbus Blvd, we still call it Delaware Ave.

In the suburbs, the Haverford post office isn’t in Haverford Township.  

You can drive one mile on the same road and cross through 3 townships (one twice) and two counties.

Our NFL team is called the Iggles.

How I Can Help

I can’t promise to turn you into a native Philadelphian, or make your relocation completely seamless.  However, I will do everything I can to make your transition as smooth as possible.  I am qualified as a designated Relocation Specialist, which means that I have proven experience and specific training to assist relocation candidates and their unique needs.  Only a select few agents have achieved this designation.

I will do three things to reduce your anxiety about finding your new home.

1. I will listen to you to understand your needs, and translate them so that I can match these needs with one of the wonderful communities that are in our region.

2. I will explain your options so that you are better equipped to confidently evaluate them.  I am a fourth generation Philadelphian with an intimate understanding of this area that will give you an honest view of these options    

3. I will keep you informed while you’re at your current home to make the best use of your time when you’re here searching for your new one.  Most likely distance will be separating us for a major part of the search process.  I’ll use all of the tools that I have to reduce the anxiety of the search process, especially those tools that support communication.  

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