From Agreement to Closing…

Once we get an “Offer”, it will be in the form of an Agreement of Sale (AOS).  At this point, I still have a lot of work to do for you.

After the terms are evaluated, and they’re acceptable to all parties, your house is essentially SOLD, but there are usually a series of hurdles to clear. These hurdles are conditions that need to be met that are an integral part of the AOS.  I will walk you through every step of this process.  Every transaction is different, but generally the following are the most common.

Most buyers request several inspections as part of the AOS.  All of these are paid by the Buyer.  The following are customary, and it’s the buyer’s choice to elect to perform them:

Home Inspection - a general evaluation of the home’s operating systems and structure for safety and integrity.  These are performed by an Inspector, who is a private contractor certified by either ASHI or NAHI.

Radon - Radon is very common in this part of Pennslvania.  Testing is usually done over a 48 hour period where measuring devices are left in the home. Testing methods and analysis are established by the Federal EPA

Wood Infestation - An inspection by a qualified contractor to determine if there is any evidence of an active infestation by wood damaging insects like termites and other insects.

Home Inspections

Municipal Inspections

In this area, many municipalities require a “Use & Occupancy”, or “Resale” Certificate when a property transfers ownership. These vary widely in their requirements.  Some are quite extensive.  I will provide you with your municipality’s requirements, if any. Generally, it is the current homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that these are completed prior to Settlement.


Almost all properties will be appraised, especially if it is being mortgaged.  An Appraisal is different from an “Inspection”.  An Appraisal attempts to assign a market value to the property, an Inspection is performed to determine functionality.  They are completely different.  In most cases, I will meet the Appraiser to provide comparable properties used to establish the Asking Price. Appraisals are the responsibility of the Buyers and are paid by them. It can happen that the “Appraised Value” may be less than the “Sale Price”.  If that happens, we usually need to negotiate a agreement that is satisfactory for all parties..especailly the lender

Title Report

Your Buyer is going to conduct a Title Search.  It’s not uncommon for really weird things to appear. Things like unremoved judgments, municipal and tax liens, old mortgages that have been satisfied, but not removed from your title are very common.  Ownership can be challenged in the event of an estate, or divorce. These need to be explained and removed prior to closing.  I’l work with you and the title company to ensure that we have “clear title” for you to move n with your sale.

Every transaction is unique, but these are some of the most common items that need to be addressed after an AOS is received and before Settlement occurs.  My job is to manage these for you so that we have a quick, painless and easy Settlement.  

One of the services we will provide you are Conveyancing Services to get you past some of these hurdles. These are performed by a team of Fox & Roach professionals that will ensure that the documentation you need to complete our transaction is in order and produced on a timely basis.  This includes mortgage payoffs, tax certifications, U&O applications, and they will keep us on a schedule to meet our Settlement Date.


Settlement Day!

Once we get past all of these little detours and bumps in the road, we’ll go to Settlement together.  I will accompany you to continue to protect your interests until the very end of the transaction.  In some cases, you can even pre-complete your end of the paperwork and not even attend Settlement.  Whether you participate, or not, you’ve earned the right to celebrate.

Selling Your Home ...

Mortgage Commitment

Even though you as the Seller are not getting “financing”, it is a concern until a “Mortgage Commitment” is issued by the lender. A lot can happen in today’s lending environment that can prevent an applicant from acquiring financing from a lender.  In this case, we may need to find another buyer, but most likely we will need to adjust the Settlement Date to allow the buyer to find another lending source.  This can happen even if the Buyer is “pre-qualified”.